Taxation of Non Resident Alien

According to the IRS, for tax purposes, an alien is an individual who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (not a Green Card Holder). Aliens are classified as nonresident aliens (NRA) and have to file a form called 1040NR. There are many rules and treaties out there in respect to NRAs income tax returns, whether you are an individual or a company.
How many times as a: J, A, O, F, H, M, Q etc VISA holder, have you asked yourself what should I do with my taxes? How are my colleagues filing their taxes and what are they doing? We understand that all of this is brand new to you and therefore we are willing to work with you until it is all done. Let us take care of this side for you so you can fulfill the true mission of why you are here in the states. We work so you are not overwhelmed and have to pay unnecessary fees.

We will help you with the following bullet points:

  1. Am I considered a nonresident alien or resident alien? How should I account for  my spouse?
  2.  Is all my income subject to U.S tax? How do I account for certain types of  income? Are all of them taxable?
  3. Can I receive any tax treaty benefits between the USA and my home country. For example: can I get exemptions or reduced tax rate? Are there any special rules about my case?
  4. Is my income effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business in the United States?
  5. Can I deduct certain deductions associated with my move to the USA?
  6. How do I start the process, as a NR, to pay US taxes?
  7. What form should I submit and when are my taxes due?
  8. What happened if I already paid taxes, on the same income, to my home country? Can I recapture some of it back? How do I do this?
  9. What are the special rules for teachers, researchers, professors and foreign government employees? If you fall within these categories you should consult with us before you take any action.
  10. I would like to invest in Real Estate in the US- What do I need to know from Tax point of view?
  11. And many more.


Specialized International Taxation and Accounting

For foreign companies establishing a US presence

Our firm, specializes in International Taxation and Accounting for foreign companies that are (or will be) establishing a US presence. Throughout the process, we provide tax planning and services of many types that are customized to the newly incorporated company. It is our privilege to facilitate services to our clients from the State(s) registration and up until the M&A or Exit (from the time the company is registered with the state until it is purchased). Within this complex cycle, we provide (but are not limited to) the following services.

International tax planning, strategies, consultation – especially new tax reports

Effective international tax planning is a complex balancing act and has never been easy. The constant shifting of the tax landscape in multiple jurisdictions make it difficult to appropriately times your tax and cash needs, take full advantage of tax deferral opportunities, avoid the seizure of foreign tax credit opportunities along with double taxation and control your overall tax exposure.

Maintaining a robust international tax structure is an ongoing project, requiring foresight to adapt tax strategies that fit your future; especially in terms of an M&A or other exit event. Revisiting your international tax structure every three to five years is good practice, but significant changes such as entering new markets; major changes in tax regulations or a cross-border merger or acquisition, should all trigger a strategy re-evaluation.

Minimizing your overall global tax exposure is another key concern. Businesses can pursue a variety of strategies to manage their effective global tax rate, including locating assets, risks and key business functions in taxpayer-friendly jurisdictions.

Finally, it’s important to remember that local experience matters. The best international tax strategy is only as good as the ability to execute it in every operational jurisdiction. Each jurisdiction brings its own unique banking, legal and tax environments. Navigating these concerns means building effective relationships with local advisors and building these relationships takes time.

Transfer pricing consulting

Transfer pricing presents special tax and legal risks including the potential commitment of significant management time in the event of a transfer pricing examination. Our experience helps us help companies to manage their transfer pricing issues, especially the risk of double taxation.

Tax Treaties

Tax treaties are another effective mechanism to avoid double taxation, especially since the U.S. has entered into income tax treaties with more than 60 countries. Most tax treaties require rigorous documentation tracking and have complex and exacting legal requirements to stay in compliance. We can help you asses the cost benefit of complying with any tax treaties as well as optimizing strategies.

Advising on the leading US structure that fits investor requirements

The U.S. system offer companies several entity structures that have different tax implications. We can help you determine which structure is best for your entity whether it be a C Corp, S Corp LLC, or other type. We take careful consideration of how the choice of U.S. structure impacts you overall tax obligation and long-term strategy.

International tax reporting and ensuring that the company is complying for the due diligence process

Few things can put a damper on an M&A or exit like non-compliance issue. Imagine the due diligence process going smoothing, coming near closing and then suddenly a tax compliance issue comes us that halts the process or significantly impacts valuation.

Companies are struggling to do more with less while driving value out of their tax and finance functions, all while dealing with complex local rules, disparate technologies, and manual processes during the compliance cycle, resulting in the risk of compliance failures. We are using our experience of providing cross-border tax compliance services coordinate all the tax compliance activities.

Accounting and payroll services designed for booking services destined for multinational Parent-Subsidiary relationship

We provide a full range of accounting and payroll services for our international clients. Cross border operations can create complex payroll compliance issues as well as stringent bookkeeping requirements to provide financial reporting across a broad range of accounting standards (i.e. U.S. GAAP, IFRS, Spanish GAAP, etc.). Until the convergence of all accounting methodologies, companies need a firm that can assist with these challenges.

Assisting the company officers and executives with their US taxes

Foreign national executives filing their US taxes face numerous challenges and the last thing a company wants is for this to distract them form their operational performance. Providing this services to your executives and officers offers them deep value and can help with both retention and recruitment.

Foreign nationals face unusual tax circumstances; especially if they hold savings or investments outside the U.S. We can help determine how they should be taxed and what reporting requirements are required such as reporting foreign bank accounts, etc.

State and sales tax reporting and compliance.

Companies who have never done business in the U.S. are often surprised by the disparity of tax systems throughout the various states. Every state has its own income and sales tax systems, and this can be daunting to companies operating in the U.S without proper guidance. We can help you navigate not on the state and sales tax reporting requirements, but also plan in the context of you overall international operations.


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